We are one of the leading Indian companies engaged in design, development, manufacture & supply of Power Supply Products such as :

  • Switched Mode Power Supplies. (Commonly known as SMPS)
  • DC DC Converters
  • Battery Chargers for SLA, Ni MH & Li Ion maintenance free batteries
  • SMPS adaptors
  • Linear Regulated Power Supplies
  • General purpose & advanced battery testing systems consisting of Multi Channel Chargers & Dischargers with or without data logging

The name POWERCUBE signifies the three axes of POWER CONVERSION technology consisting of AC DC, DC DC & DC AC Power Conversion.

POWERCUBE is promoted by Mr. Rajendra N. Gajendragadkar, a 47 year old first generation entrepreneur with a very vast prior work experience with Tata Electric R & D Labs & NELCO in field of power supply design.

POWERCUBE is proud to be one of the foremost Indian companies with very strong development skills and abilities to design and manufacture power supplies to meet or exceed customer specifications, with very high reliability.

Almost the entire product portfolio caters to OEM clients operating in niche segments, wherein the product quality & reliability are of paramount importance.

The business segments being addressed are Medical Instrumentation, Cellular Telephony, SCADA Systems, Nuclear Instrumentation & Controls, Process Systems, Railway Signaling etc.

Our client base consists of Small Enterprises, PSU Undertakings, Govt. Research Institutes, Railway approved Signaling Product Manufacturers as well as Telecom Equipment Manufacturers & suppliers.

POWERCUBE is also in a strategic tie up with a leading global elevator & escalator solutions provider and supplies specially designed products to this company on an EXCLUSIVE & PROPRIETORY basis.

We provide fruitful employment to a number of people & will be closing the current financial year with a consolidated group turnover in excess of INR 26 million.

With very large investments on the horizon primarily in the Telecom Infrastructure & Railway Modernization, we expect a compounded average annual growth of over 30% in next 3 to 5 years.

Apart from the current business, wherein the thrust is to introduce power conversion techniques with continuous improvement in energy efficiency, POWERCUBE is actively pursuing foray into the following product & technology segments which have a great future.

  • LED based Solid State Lighting Systems comprising LED lights, LED drivers, controllers & power supplies.
  • Solar powered, electricity backed LED lights with extremely low energy consumption for rural & urban areas.
  • Advanced battery management systems for optimum & efficient use of batteries.


All the types of power supplies manufactured by POWERCUBE are manufactured using stringent in process checks and controls. Quality inspections are carried out on active components and all magnetic components. All the printed circuit boards are also checked for defects. Passive components are subjected to random checks.

POWERCUBE's quality assurance and reliability programme is designed to :
  • Reduce infant mortality of components.
  • Reduce system level rework.
  • Reduce & target to totally eliminate field failures.
  • Reduce equipment downtime.

Incoming material inspection Standard manufacturing process
Component assembly Burn in for 100 hours
100% visual inspection 100% visual inspection
100% electrical tests Final electrical tests
100% visual inspection QA acceptance

Final testing & acceptance


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